Securing quality in transformation programs

Quality assurance and project health checks

It is hard to identify shortcomings and unveil efficiency potentials from within a transformational program. We believe in the power of the outside view. Our QA services & project health checks secure success in global transformation programs.

How we assure high quality with our QA services

Is the status of your complex and high-budget transformational ERP program transparent? Are you on-time, on-budget, driving ROI?

It is overwhelming to identify shortcomings, unveil efficiencies, and take corrective action on global transformation programs from the inside. However, at Tenthpin, we believe in the power of the outside view. We have therefore developed a rigorous, proven QA framework to support our clients. It covers all aspects of programs like business relevance and value add, solution quality, organizational set-up, progress tracking, and transparency.

Our most experienced advisors assure the health of our clients’ initiatives

We carry out quality assessments and health checks on your global ERP transformation program. Being independent, trusted advisors, you benefit from an outside view on the health of your initiatives. Using our QA methodology tailored to your specific needs performed by our most experienced consultants, we can rapidly assess a project and provide tangible improvements covering all aspects of your program.

What are the ways to assess and assure the quality of a program?

Quality assurance initiatives can be a one-off undertaking or an accompanying program task to assure continuous high program quality and fast progress. The choice depends on the urgency and complexity of the situation and the company's maturity on the topic.

One-off quality review:
  • Fragmented approach to quality
  • Reactive reviews in response to issues
  • No integrated methodology for quality assurance
  • No predictable quality planning
  • No dedicated quality function
  • Quality value proposition not understood
  • Us and them mentality
  • Recommendations provided to management after risks have become issues
  • No measurement of quality metrics
Ad hoc quality assurance:
  • Ad hoc approach to quality
  • Sporadic reviews
  • Stand-alone methodology for quality assurance
  • Stand-alone quality planning
  • Part-time quality function
  • Quality value proposition partially understood
  • ‘Us and them’ mentality
  • Risks and issues responded to reactively
  • Recommendations provided to management following ad hoc reviews
  • Periodic measurement of quality metrics
Continuous quality assurance:
  • Proactive and integrated approach to quality
  • Ongoing assessment and review
  • Quality embedded into the program methodology
  • Quality integrated into program planning
  • Dedicated quality function embedded within the program organization
  • Quality value proposition well understood
  • One team approach
  • No ‘us and them’ mentality
  • Prediction and mitigation of risks before they become issues
  • Management decisions and behavior driven by recommendations
  • Ongoing measurement of quality metrics

The Quality Assurance Maturity Curve

The maturity level of a company in quality assurance grows with experience over time. Our QA practice shows that we can increase the value and effectiveness of our clients’ programs through continuous quality assurance. The best way to achieve this is by embedding our QA team into the program from the start.

Quality Assurance Maturity Curve

5 key benefits that arise from our QA services

Effective savings

Compared to informal reviews a formal QA review results in requirements & rework savings.

Holistic assessment

Our holistic program assessment covers deliverables, program management, and execution.

Factual decision-making

Our independent risk and issue assessment provides factual input for decision-making.

Best practices

Our clients leverage best practices in solution design & program management based on our vast expertise.

No bottlenecks

Early feedback and recommendations prevent bottleneck situations and the need for rework.

Benefits that arise from formal QA reviews


errors caught earlier


less effort to fix


resulting in savings

Our QA quality assurance services

Our QA approach is to provide an independent review to ensure program health and solution quality are based on a rigorous, proven quality framework.

QA Service A: ongoing program health

We provide proactive guidance and coaching throughout the program for the program management team and executive board.

8 quality levers:

  1. Project plan
  2. Scope management
  3. Program governance
  4. Organizational alignment
  5. Stakeholder engagement
  6. Benefits management
  7. Vendor management
  8. Quality & risk management

QA Service B: QA deliverables review

We provide program as well as solution and technical reviews of critical program deliverables at key checkpoints to assess the quality of the solution.

  1. Fit-for-purpose and best practice compliance
  2. Completeness and consistency of solution
  3. Readiness for next phase (e.g. build or pilot go live)
  4. Deployment approach and business readiness

Teaming up for program success

In our experience, providing a client-side QA team embedded in the program and working together with your team to ensure that all the dimensions of the program are on track and managed can significantly enhance the program's successful outcome.

Tenthpin Business

Why choose Tenthpin QA services?

Quality reviews & health checks

Our quality reviews combined with on-going program health checks ensure that solution and project management are fit-for-purpose.

Impartial recommendations

Our independent and unbiased strategic and business perspective allows us to develop balanced and impartial recommendations.

SAP program delivery expertise

Our extensive SAP transformation program delivery expertise allows us to deliver value beyond a checklist approach.

QA quality assurance approach

Our flexible QA approach adapted to your specific requirements secures the right fit measure: one-off or ongoing.

Is your company up for a health check?

Talk to our experts.

Martin Meyer


Martin Meyer


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