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Process & value chain consulting for life sciences

The shift in Life Sciences to patient centricity calls for new processes across the entire value chain. Our services support end-to-end business model innovation and help improve specific domains.

What is the merit of end-to-end value chain management?

The current pandemic has put a spotlight on process and value chain management. But leaders in life sciences have long before recognized value chain management as a critical differentiator to create business value. Let’s look at three specific areas:

  1. Value chain management delivers significant bottom-line improvements such as reducing transportation costs, lower inventories, optimized accounts payables, receivables, and more. 
  2. Value chain management is a crucial enabler in delivering synergies and cost reductions after a business merger.
  3. Value chain management is a key discipline to harmonize company processes – a prerequisite to start the digital transformation and become an intelligent enterprise.

Our services: process consulting across the value chain

Successful companies are embracing digitization to improve performance and shift to patient-centricity. Our services support end-to-end business model innovation or help to improve specific domains like:

Designing patient experience: integrate data and processes across functions.

Supply chain: design patient-centric, data-driven, and resilient supply networks.

Sales & marketing: create 100% patient-centric interaction models.

Drug discovery & development: develop personalized drugs and services.

Manufacturing: adapt flexibly to new roles in the ecosystem.

Enabling functions & analytics: run a lean, cost-efficient operation.

We support clients to create future-proof value chains.

With the pandemic putting the supply chain into the spotlight of almost all enterprises, redefining the patient-centric value chain has become the key value driver for success. Our approach helps you digitize your supply chain activities, encompassing all nodes and players while keeping the patient in the center of all activities.

4 steps to redesign the value chain

Today, life sciences companies stay successful in their specific ecosystem by quickly switching roles in the value chain. We help clients achieve the right level of flexibility in their operating models following these four steps.

Value chain strategy design

Different functions within life sciences companies often need to be able to act in various roles. Therefore, it is vital to have corresponding operating models in place within the specific ecosystem. We help clients achieve this required level of flexibility and agility to connect with business partners by applying AI, RPA, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Process assessment

It is essential to have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of enterprise processes to improve value chain performance. With our strong life sciences expertise, Tenthpin consultants assess the maturity of life sciences companies in a very efficient manner, providing a holistic overview of improvement areas compared to industry benchmarks.

Operating model & process design

After the process assessment has delivered the levers for improvements, we design new operating model(s) and corresponding processes. A new operating model comprises to-be processes and a fresh organizational set-up, including roles. Working with Tenthpin means designing best-in-class operating models and processes which are agile, scalable, and resilient.

Process implementation

Best-in-class designed operating models and processes need a strong partner to bring them to life. Tenthpin provides a high-performance consulting team of industry experts from top life sciences companies and domain experts that deliver real business value. In addition, we support you in implementing the newly defined processes successfully.

Why chose Tenthpin?

Tenthpin is the partner of choice for any value chain consulting service in life sciences. We deliver real business value by fulfilling three essential requirements to build future supply chains.

Designing and securing the ideal patient experience.

Implementing patient-centric and agile operating models.

Designing and implementing robust and resilient value chains.

Experienced Team

How to test if your supply chain is stress-resilient?

A digital supply chain twin is an ideal way to simulate multiple disruptive scenarios supply chains might face and thereby helps derive strategic and tactical decisions. Furthermore, you can build comprehensive business cases for investment decisions on digital twin results.

Is your value chain stress-resilient and future-proof yet?

Check in with our experts.

Patrick Wolf


Patrick Wolf


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