Tenthpin Solutions Awarded as Top Life Sciences Tech Solutions Provider by CIOReview

CIOReview selected Tenthpin Solutions as one of the most promising tech solution providers for pharma and Life Sciences.

Most promising Tech solution provider

With Tenthpin Solutions, Tenthpin has established its own business unit to develop innovative business applications to address the challenges of the Life Sciences industry. Backed by deep industry expertise, excellent technology skills, and an unwavering focus on user experience, Tenthpin Solutions is the partner of choice for ambitious startups and successful market leaders in pharma and biotech.

"Of course, we are delighted to be recognized by CIOReview with this award," says Michael Schmidt. "Even more important to us, however, is the high demand for our solutions. Many Life Sciences companies are seeking business applications for their challenges, such as in the field of Quality Management, where we have developed Tenthpin Quality Management Evolved (T/QME). The software solution T/QME enriches the existing SAP Quality Management module, offering a tailored solution to cover the requirements along the processes in the labs from sample creation to managing batch data."

Recognizing the ongoing transformation of the Life Sciences industry into a data-driven tech sector, Tenthpin Solutions is determined to play a crucial role in helping Life Sciences companies adapt, innovate, and contribute to this new digital era. Following in the footsteps of Tenthpin’s success in the consulting business, Tenthpin Solutions will bring years of experience in the Life Sciences industry and a profound understanding of the challenges faced by decision-makers in the sector.

Do you want to know more about Tenthpin Solutions? Read the full article in CIOReview here: https://www.cioreview.com/tenthpin-i


About Tenthpin 

Tenthpin is a global consulting and technology boutique for the Life Sciences industry. We operate out of eight countries (the US, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, Portugal, Poland, Japan, and India) and continue to grow. Our more than 450 consultants combine deep industry and process knowledge with extensive SAP expertise. Tenthpin is a strategic partner of SAP in the area of Life Sciences co-innovation and has successfully realized SAP S/4HANA transformations for many leading Life Sciences companies. 12 out of the Top 20 Life Sciences companies worldwide are clients of Tenthpin. In 2023, Tenthpin launched its own product business with Tenthpin Solutions.


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