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When quality matters, Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) should be integrated seamlessly - be it processes, data or systems. The software solution T/QME enriches the existing SAP Quality Management module, providing you a tailored solution to cover the requirements along the processes in the labs from sample creation to managing batch data.

Why Companies Want to Evolve SAP QM

SAP QM is widely recognized for its robust capabilities in Quality Assurance (QA)-related activities, making it a popular choice for many organizations. However, when it comes to Quality Control (QC), its effectiveness is relatively limited. Despite this, numerous companies have made significant investments in SAP QM with ECC, employing custom GUI screens, Web Dynpro, and Fiori, while relying on SAP standard functionality to address the known gaps.

During the transition to S/4HANA, several organizations have faced challenges when contemplating a change in their approach, particularly regarding external Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) or Lab Execution Systems (LES). These alternative solutions are often rejected due to the substantial in-house knowledge and the significant change impact associated with implementing new systems.

Therefore the need for a new standard product as add-on for SAP S/4HANA is present.

How Tenthpins QME integrates in your IT Landscape

How You can Evolve Your Quality Management with Tenthpin's T/QME

Tenthpin Quality Management Evolved (T/QME) is the new standard for QM in SAP S/4HANA. It covers common industry requirements as pre-validated (GxP GAMP) standard product and offers a seamless integration into your existing QC/QA processes and S/4HANA system landscape.

Effective execution of quality control (QC) activities in the labs - from sample creation to recording of the results - automating the back-end process with a simple user interface using custom Fiori apps. 

Efficient results recording in a grid-based view and via copying inspection results to multiple samples. 

Efficient batch management and release processes by automating routine activities along the supply chain.

Provide transparency on lab performance and monitor the KPIs in modern and highly configurable dashboards. 

Preconfigured sample management solution accelerates the identification process and ensures full traceability. Central access and overview of all samples via a sample cockpit to ease the handling and data maintenance in the labs. 

Increase compliance by enabling additional restrictions on changing batch data. Digital signatures and a central audit trail help you to streamline the processes and reduce paper-based records. 

Reduce the implementation risk by using a fully embedded and highly configurable standard solution.

Avoid extensive and complex interfaces between SAP and LES or LIMS systems. SAP remains the leading system for the process. Utilize existing in-house SAP knowledge to maintain and support the product.

Tenthpin Quality Management Evolved

The software solution T/QME by Tenthpin Solutions enriches the existing SAP Quality Management module, providing you a tailored solution to cover the requirements along the processes in the labs from sample creation to managing batch data.

T/QME Dashboard Screen
T/QME Report Screen
T/QME Cockpit Screen final
T/QME QC Screen

And It Gets even Better!

Benefit from our long-term product roadmap, which is set to introduce numerous additional capabilities. In the near future you will be able to acquire new functionalities enabling you to:

  • Plan and prioritize QA batch releases by considering various parameters.
  • Initiate supplier qualifications and maintain the qualification status at the supplier/manufacturer and material levels using dedicated Fiori Cockpits.
  • Guide staff members systematically through the test execution, employing tailored workflows to ensure consistency across all stages of the lab process. Plan and document the test equipment, reagents, and substances used for testing.
  • Facilitate the execution of environmental monitoring & incubation, as well as stability studies.
  • Integrate easily with lab equipment through a middleware solution.
  • Leverage advanced analytics and reporting functionalities.

Why Tenthpin is the Right Partner

Co-innovating with SAP is at the core of Tenthpin. As a strategic partner of SAP, we design and build innovations based on the SAP product suite. Our global team of experts covers a wide range of best-of-breed technology, allowing team members and clients to co-innovate and develop solutions that meet their demands. With Tenthpin Solutions we take the next step and establish our own product company.

And we are promoters of networked innovation. We bring all relevant value network partners together to drive end-to-end business transformation and set new standards.

Benefits of Tenthpin's T/QME for You

Optimized QA & QC

The solution optimally supports your business and gives you all the best practices. With T/QME you have seamlessly integrated all areas and processes of your QA and QC into your SAP system without any functional gaps.

Manageable IT Landscape

You keep your IT landscape clean and easy to manage, because T/QME relies on SAP technology, you can avoid custom developments or worry about interfaces. Last but not least, it is a pre-validated (GxP GAMP) standard product.

High Return on Investment

You achieve a high ROI through fast implementation, manageable investments, and significant business impact.

High investment security

The solution offers high investment security as it is developed in collaboration with leading companies, is a standard product and add-on for SAP S/4HANA, and is continuously being developed in the long term.

Do you want to evolve your Quality Management?

T/QME is available now. Book your demo still today.

Stefan Kubick


Stefan Kubick


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