Advice to face the battle of an ERP Transformation

Get your change right with these seven approaches

If you are about to face the battle of an ERP transformation you have one key challenge: you need to bring the business to the table to get the adoption you need. With professional and structured OCM you will create a positive impact for your employees going through the upcoming organizational change. In fact, research consistently shows that initiatives with excellent change management are six times more likely to meet objectives*.

Here are seven approaches to help you succeed on the change journey. Let us roll up our sleeves together and use a can-do attitude to motivate all impacted parties to follow you on the road to a successful transformation.

* Prosci’s Best practices in Change Management research and PROSCI Why OCM

The game changing puzzle-piece: It's the people

Whether it's organizational transformation or technology projects, people are the all-important factor. Therefore, professional change management should be integrated into every important project. Bringing you on a fast adoption track in your ERP program for the benefit of your customers and for the benefit of all patients is the mission and passion of the Organizational Change Management Community at Tenthpin. The “game-changing puzzle piece” we as Tenthpin OCM professionals add to the mix: people. In more professional terms: the business. As Tenthpin OCM team we focus on bringing the business to the table for a successful and faster adoption of new ways of working, to achieve your planned business benefits and on bringing novel solutions to patients faster.

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Soft power needs hard plans

Change management provides the catalyst for transparency throughout the project and delivering impactful ways to consistently engage your team. These activities build trust with your employees that the ERP transformation will provide impactful benefits. They will motivate and enable users to approach learning with an open mind and better understand how the new system will provide clear, relevant, and lasting results for the business. No different than starting to build a home without a blueprint, you shouldn’t begin your project without a change management plan.

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When the going gets tough, your stakeholders should get going

There are four key areas to highlight when you want to drive change and make your ERP project a success. Having the best people is meaningless if they lack a strong, effective leader to unify them to enact your business’s vision for its future state. As reported by project professionals around the world, changing people’s mindsets, attitude, and company culture is the most significant challenge when implementing change projects. The difficulty and importance of this type of change indicates that effective leadership to drive change is the keystone to your successful ERP transformation. This change journey needs to be driven by senior business leaders as described in PROSCI’s Best Practices in Change Management study.

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Leaders of change and the most important question

Our experience working with clients through ERP transformations has shown us time and time again for a project to be successful, your change initiative depends on how individuals in the organization embrace and adopt these changes. Change management requires individuals in all key roles to engage with the change. From the highest levels of leadership to the middle managers, then directly to the front-line employees. It takes an entire system of people within the organization to support employees through the transition to make it successful. As a change leader, part of your responsibility is to articulate the high-level vision for the future and to translate that vision into meaningful benefits for every level of the organization. The success of each project ultimately lies with each impacted employee's ability to understand what the change means to them. They need the clear answer of “What’s in it for me?”

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That funny thing called “People”

Evidence shows that the huge investments in Transformations are unlikely to achieve their vaunted promises if the emphasis is given to tech and process. Why? Because, of course, there’s that funny thing called “People”. Most large programs these days do utilize OCM. Often, this is focused on tools such as Impact Assessments, Readiness Assessments, Stakeholder Engagement, Benefits Realization and of course Training and Communication. These tools are needed and provide useful information about people aspects in programs. They are indeed necessary, but are they sufficient? People don’t adopt new behaviors readily even when they know what they’re supposed to do.

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Culture eats project plans for breakfast

Is this thing called Organizational Culture too vague? Too difficult to grasp? Too nebulous? It is a grave error to ignore it. Consider organizational transformations that have invested huge sums in new IT systems but failed to realize the promised benefits because old behaviors persisted, preventing collaboration or candidness or data-driven decision making. It can be the unspoken things that derail your expensive transformation endeavors. Using tailored approaches and proven models to develop the right culture for your organization’s strategy will hugely de-risk your investments.
There is a word for this in the world of Organizational Change Management (OCM): Culture. For change and transformation situations, ignoring culture is a mistake and can indeed lead to extremely poor outcomes.

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How to unlock the power of change with Tenthpin in 2023

We hope you enjoyed our 2022 Thought Piece Series which gives a glimpse of our Organizational Change Management capabilities and features our highly experienced OCM Practitioners supporting our clients.

In the coming weeks we will be deep diving even more into how to make your program successful. Watch out for our in-depth blog posts in 2023.

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At Tenthpin, our certified team of Organizational Change Management experts help our clients become more effective leaders to drive lasting change throughout their ERP transformation. We have a comprehensive Change Management approach and toolkit where we put people at the heart of everything we do. We excel in skillfully translating the vision to all the stakeholders involved by empowering and promoting leadership to actively engage with all project stakeholders, ensuring the reasons for change are heard at all employee levels. We utilize tools such as PROSCI methodology, Leadership Mentorship and Design Thinking workshops to help you succeed at all levels of your organization.

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