Tenthpin Solutions Founded: Innovative Software Solutions for the Business Challenges of the Life Sciences Industry

Basel, Dec. 04 2023  – Tenthpin, a leading global consulting and technology boutique for the Life Sciences industry, has established its own product company, Tenthpin Solutions. Tenthpin Solutions addresses the business challenges of the Life Sciences industry with innovative software solutions. The company is headquartered in Basel.

Following the success of Tenthpin in the consulting business, Tenthpin Solutions brings years of experience and a profound understanding of the challenges faced by decision-makers in pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical technology, and animal health. Leveraging Tenthpin’s roots in Life Sciences business and process consulting, along with expertise in SAP and other leading technologies, Tenthpin Solutions is building a global team of highly experienced industry experts, coders, and UX specialists committed to setting new standards in the Life Sciences industry.


Co-Innovating with Life Sciences Companies

“Tenthpin has a strong track record of successful co-innovations with Life Sciences industry consortia and SAP, resulting in new standard solutions for Clinical Trial Management, Cell & Gene Therapy Orchestration, and Batch Release Management,” explains Michael Schmidt, Co-Founder of Tenthpin. “Now, we take the next step by establishing our own product business, Tenthpin Solutions. This is an evolutionary move that Tenthpin has planned from the outset.” To ensure a customer-centric approach, Tenthpin Solutions forms a Product Advisory Board comprising key executives from Life Sciences companies.


Introducing the First Product: Tenthpin Quality Management Evolved (T/QME)

In the ongoing transformation of the Life Sciences industry into a data-driven tech sector, Life Sciences companies require empowering software solutions. Thomas Weber, Chief Product Officer, sheds light on the product pipeline of Tenthpin Solutions: “With our product Tenthpin Quality Management Evolved (T/QME), we are now introducing a market-ready solution that is in high demand. T/QME enriches SAP Quality Management by providing a tailored solution to cover the requirements along lab processes, from sample creation to batch data management. This product is ideal for companies seeking seamless integration of Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes, data, and systems."


Upvance, the Transformative Platform for Biotechs Will Follow 2024

Upvance, the transformative platform for research-oriented biotechs, is scheduled to launch in 2024. Upvance will be a true flagship product for Tenthpin Solutions. Dr. Frank Altznauer, Chief Industry Advisor of Tenthpin Solutions, explains the uniqueness of Upvance: “Upvance is the transformative and unprecedented platform built by Tenthpin for biotechs. It’s the first uncompromising solution engineered solely for biotechs. Whether research is focused on small molecules, antibodies, ADC’s, cell & gene therapies, or even radioligands, Upvance has it covered. Upvance is the all-encompassing co-pilot for research-focused biotechs that navigates them seamlessly from pre-IND to LoE.”

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written by

Frank Braun

Global Head of Marketing

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