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Within the Life Sciences, animal health remains a diverse and fast-evolving sector. We uniquely combine industry expertise, extensive process, and technical knowledge to leverage emerging opportunities for our clients.

Managing innovations and changes

New technology is changing the face of the industry, from integrated vaccination in poultry hatcheries to GPS tagging of individual cattle and even gene-based therapeutics for companion animals.

The animal health industry is rapidly growing as today’s business is as demanding as the human pharma business, where innovations and changes need to be managed in similar complex regulatory environments as in human pharma. Divestments and acquisitions remain high. Revenue models, based on innovative approaches to pricing, are constantly evolving. Our industry focus on animal health is the key to understanding current trends, both in terms of where our clients see opportunities to improve, and the solutions and technologies that can be leveraged to support them.

Value-driven services and solutions across the value chain

Tenthpin brings a unique combination of industry expertise, process, and technical knowledge to the animal health industry. Our value-driven services and solutions cover the whole animal health value chain, from planning, through R&D, manufacture, laboratory services, distribution, and wholesale, right to the individual animal. In each of these areas, change is a constant, and while the costs of an ever-evolving landscape are not insignificant, the opportunities are far greater.

Managing diversity in key areas

Understanding the diversity of the industry we provide a wide portfolio in animal health and a proven track record to go with it. Each challenge requires a combination of technical and process knowledge to tackle. What’s yours?

Product range: From therapeutics and diagnostic consumables, diagnostic devices to engineer-to-order projects such as fish farms – this industry covers a broad product range. Each brings complexity with different solutions required for batches, serial numbers, product design, or transportation.

Customer diversity: Customers, and the go-to-market strategy that supports them, are varied, from the single-trader veterinary clinic specializing in companion animals to the global corporations managing large-scale farm animal operations. The challenge is to offer targeted solutions that support their differing needs.

Distribution model: Small pack distribution for therapeutics, consumables and spare parts is often a mix of direct and distributor-based supply. Courier integration is a typical requirement for package tracking on urgent orders, which may require on-site assembly projects and installation services from specialist technical teams.

Selected challenges and how we tackle them

Mergers & acquisitions

Consolidation in the sector has led to the top 10 animal health companies contributing approximately 75% of global sales, and the trend for strategic refocusing shows no sign of slowing down. We consult fast-transforming companies.

Pricing strategies

Companies are looking for new ways to offer their portfolio, including bundled contracts, leasing options, and service or value-based pricing. Our expertise in innovative pricing strategies for leaders in the sector has been proven in global projects.

Revenue recognition 

With more complex pricing strategies comes increased complexity with ASC 606/IFRS 15 revenue recognition compliance, for which companies are looking for simple and largely automated solutions. We support the assessment and implementation.


Mobile solutions and eCommerce platforms with integration into backend systems enable customer sales and service capabilities to the markets in real time. Our specialist teams combine their expertise for the animal health sector with a passion for innovative technology.

Process optimization

Driven by rapidly changing and complex environments with cost and pricing pressures, companies in the animal health industry constantly review their operating models and downstream processes. We support market leaders to continuously improve performance and innovate their business.

Emerging technology

Novel solutions are being developed at record pace. Animal tags are getting smarter, with examples leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide early health warnings at an individual animal level. We offer specialized support to implement and integrate the solutions.

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