Seismic Shifts Disrupting the Life Sciences Industry

A Tenthpin report on digital leadership in the ongoing transformation of Life Sciences.

Seismic Shifts

Digital Leadership in the Ongoing Transformation of Life Sciences

In the dynamic landscape of Life Sciences, a profound transformation is underway, steering the industry towards a data-driven future. Life Sciences companies are evolving into digital technology entities, navigating through the complexities inherent in such transformative journeys.

One of the primary challenges faced by these companies is the intricate nature of the transformations, leading to change fatigue driven by the perceived lack of quick impact and tangible business value. In this context, the virtues of agility and speed are emerging as crucial catalysts for success.

In this study, we aim to present the major shifts occurring in the Life Sciences sector, shedding light on the essential capabilities that companies should cultivate to propel themselves into the realm of Digital Leaders. Through a comprehensive exploration, we delve into strategies that can empower your organization to thrive in this data-driven era.

To enrich our insights, we conducted a survey featuring perspectives from decision-makers within the Life Sciences industry. Their valuable contributions have not only shaped this study but have also been instrumental in providing a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry. We extend our sincere gratitude to all the participants for their invaluable insights, with special appreciation for those whose perspectives are featured in this study.

This volume marks the beginning of an ongoing initiative. We commit to updating this study annually, collaborating with our Digital Leaders Network—an initiative designed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange. If you are interested in the study or the network, we encourage you to reach out to us.

“We don’t have time to only work on >3 years ERP transformations. We need a way to capture value early along the way for example with Data & Analytics.”

Tobias Günthör, CIO, Stada

Life Sciences Industry Report - Table of Contents


1 – Introduction.

2 - Seismic Shifts are Disrupting the Status Quo in Life Sciences

2.1 - Disruption of Global Value Chains

2.2 - Disruption of Traditional Treatment Paradigms

2.3 - New Normal for Growing the Pipeline

2.4 - Investors Prioritize De-Risked Biotech Investments

2.5 - Speed of Technological Innovation

2.6 – Conclusion

3 - Voices from the Industry

4 - Life Sciences Companies on their Way to Digital Leadership

4.1 - Value Chain Optimizations

4.2 - SAP-Transformations

4.3 - Life Sciences Industry Solutions

4.4 - Innovating New Solutions

4.5 - Data Analytics

4.6 - Transformation Management

4.7 – Conclusion

5 – Outlook

Life Sciences Industry Report 2024

A Tenthpin report on digital leadership in the ongoing transformation of Life Sciences

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written by

Frank Braun

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