SAP Batch Release Hub

Perform your batch release centrally, digitally and faster

The SAP Batch Release Hub for Life Sciences (BRH) supports life science companies in streamlining processes, eliminating human errors, improving the user experience, and reducing batch-release cycle time. This next-gen solution helps optimize their processes, resulting in faster and more accurate batch releases. Do you have any questions about the SAP Batch Release Hub? As the lead system integrator, we would be happy to answer them.

It's time to digitize your batch processes

Life Science companies are expected to work efficiently while maintaining quality standards and complying with strict regulations.

However, manual and cumbersome data collection, error-prone processes, lack of scalability, long manufacturing lead times, and a challenging onboarding process for new employees are common obstacles they face. To overcome these challenges, many companies are turning to custom-build batch release management solutions.

Tenthpin has partnered with SAP to digitize the processes with the SAP BRH and turn data into meaningful insights.

The SAP Batch Release Hub covers your whole batch-release process end-to-end

1. Check worklist items, manage prioritization and workload

2. Select batch from worklist

3. Review compliance status of automated release checks

4. Select batch release decision and confirm with electronic signature

Discover the Key Capabilities of SAP Batch Release Hub for Life Sciences

Comprehensive information at your fingertips

  • Predefined release checks with automatic evaluation, for faster, scalable and accurate decision making
  • Custom release checks to integrate manual checking activities in your batch release process

Intuitive Interface and GxP tools

  • E-signature for re-authentication of release decision
  • Provisioning of change log and signature log
  • Roles based worklist, accessible through mobile and desktop devices and freezing of data after release

Flexibility and easy configuration

  • Easy integration with SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Configurable for various batch release scenarios and business rules

Explore the Business Value of a digitized Batch Release with SAP BRH for Life Sciences


Minimize Compliance Risk

Reduce the risk of human errors, product recalls, and damage to your brand reputation by streamlining your batch release process. Standardize and simplify the process across your organization to ensure consistency and accuracy and provide reproducible reports that compliance auditors can access to track release history.


Enhance Profits or Lower Costs

Increase profits and lower costs by optimizing your batch release process. Repurpose existing headcount for more value-added activities, such as innovation and product development, by speeding up batch releases. Reduce revenue loss caused by product recalls and damage to your brand image. Accelerate the cash conversion cycle by reducing overall manufacturing lead times. Cut the cost of IT ownership by using a cloud-hosted solution.


Enable Future Growth

Prepare your organization for future growth by enabling faster batch release cycles, which can reduce order fulfillment lead times. Scale up your manufacturing capabilities quickly and flexibly as your company grows. Embrace future business models and therapy trends with the ability to work with smaller batch sizes. This will help you stay ahead of the curve and succeed in a competitive market.

Why is Tenthpin in the lead?

Tenthpin is one of the leading consulting firms for life sciences worldwide. We have the world’s richest experience and the best talent in designing and delivering batch management and release solutions. Due to our very close cooperation with the leading life sciences companies worldwide, we know the requirements of the industry very well. That is why SAP selected Tenthpin to be the lead system integrator for SAP Batch Release Hub.

Want to know more how to optimize your Batch release fully integrated in SAP and your QC/QA system landscape?

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