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Technological innovation is permeating every element of the life sciences industry. As a result, the speed and need for change have never been so high. Our hybrid consultants drive transformation and provide solutions for life science companies, combining in-depth industry expertise with top-notch technological know-how.

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Alongside the traditional change drivers like evolvement of personalized medicines, productivity improvement needs in R&D, the collection and utilization of data, changing regulatory requirements and compliance adherence, and mergers & acquisitions, 2020 brought an unprecedented and disruptive shift to digital technologies. As a result, the boundaries between the life sciences and technology sectors are blurred. We at Tenthpin are operating exactly in this blurry space, combining industry expertise and technological know-how.

We enable pharma and biotech, animal health, medical technology companies, and healthcare providers to rethink their business models and processes, leveraging the power of digital technologies.

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In the blink of an eye, the whole industry has been virtualized

In 2020, the life sciences companies’ business models were heavily impacted – from one day to the next. Their services and products needed to be uplifted into a new digital age. Telemedicine approaches, remote and virtual clinical trials, digital pharmacies, clinical care to the homes supported by wearables are just examples of the rapid adoption of technology accelerated by the pandemic.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of employees started to work from home. Empty offices were the new norm, and virtual online meetings were omnipresent. This disruptive consequence of the pandemic on working models showed that a life science business environment could be more productive remotely and geographically disbursed than previously assumed.

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