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We are a globally leading business and technology consultancy for the life sciences industry. We create digital impact and transformational change by combining our industry, process, and information technology expertise. Our clients span all industry segments and sizes, from medtech to animal health, from small clinical research to big pharma. Our clients trust in our independent, unbiased advice and services.

Our heritage of business transformation

Many of our clients have worked with our leadership team and consultants for multiple years, some even decades. Years of experience in the life sciences industry with umpteen business strategies and IT architectures defined and projects accomplished build a solid base to be our clients’ trusted advisors.


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Years of experience in the industry as a team


Life Sciences clients

We make business strategies work

The future of the value chain for the life sciences industry will be data-driven and patient-centric.

With our focus on the life sciences industry, we understand the unique challenges of each industry sector. Our consultants are experienced subject matter experts and have deep expertise in solving complex challenges. We design and deliver innovative solutions for our clients through our expertise and partnership with leading technology brands. Our clients benefit from our investment in the global Life Sciences Innovation Centre , where we develop innovative vertical solutions.

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Movers & shakers

Movers & shakers

Meet the leadership team: A blend of expertise and passion.

Global footprint
Global footprint

Global footprint

Who says global players must be giants? See where we are.

Tenthpin DNA
Tenthpin DNA

Tenthpin DNA

Learn about our values: Our DNA is unique.

Why Tenthpin?

The secret behind the tenth pin.

Just in case you wonder: The brand shape in our new corporate design symbolizes a group of nine bowling pins – the tenth one being our wordmark.

A legend tells that an 1841 Connecticut law banned ninepin bowling because of its perceived association with gambling and crime. People were said to circumvent the prohibition by adding a tenth pin. Some sources call this story a mere fable others confirm it. Nevertheless, it is a great story about how to create a new business model.

For a deeper dive into the history of ten pin bowling, read about the early history on Wikipedia.

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