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Data-driven Sustainability Management

Let data optimize your sustainability performance

For years, sustainability was a matter for communication and marketing. Now, leading companies are taking a data-driven approach to embed sustainability in their business processes. We provide you with solutions to measure and improve your sustainability performance – for your company and the society.

Why sustainability is serious business, that requires excellent data

Reliable and trusted data will accelerate your sustainability transformation to become a player in the impact economy. Impact Valuation - a true differentiator in measuring value. We help you to monetize your impact locally and globally on society in economic environmental and social dimension.

Engage with stakeholders consistently and manage the change in demographics, collaborate with your business partners on ESG targets and enable investors to build more resilient portfolios.

Comply with regulatory initiatives of governments putting into force mandatory regulations to standardize ESG reporting.

Build trust and manage reputation with sustainability commitments and demonstrated by actions and regular and consistent status reports. 

Develop resilient supply chains with optimized resource allocation and improved working conditions.

Tenthpin supports you end to end from strategy to implementation:


  • Profiling sustainability ambition
  • Sustainability Strategy

Process Design

  • Embed sustainability in core business processes
  • Integrate sustainability in corporate reporting and disclosure

Capability Building

  • Reporting and disclosure automation
  • Performance measurement
  • Impact valuation calculation
  • Product Footprint calculation

When ESG is managed properly, it brings many benefits

Materialize business value of sustainability

Targeted stakeholder communication supported by prioritized frameworks and metrics most relevant to your business and supporting your strategy.​

Track performance of your sustainability programs

  • Track if your transformation meets your targets with forecasting, predictions and  simulations for ESG and impact data.
  • Compare your performance with your peers.

Reliability, comparability and timeliness

Establish metrics framework with definitions, reporting process and governance to ensure data quality, reliability and enable auditability.

Future proof Technology strategy

  • Create individual technology strategies avoiding expensive fragmentation.
  • Create actionable roadmaps to implement technology supporting your data generation, collection and disclosures, metrics tracking and analytics. 

Embed sustainability information in your portfolio management process

Forecasted impact and product footprint data helps decision makers to understand the risks and opportunities for the business, planet and the society.

Support your product launch with sustainability data

Forecasted impact and ESG data supports your narrative in product registration and re-imbursement negotiations.

Ensure a resilient supply chains

Prepare for supply chain due diligence laws and mitigate potential constraints and low performance.

Establish sustainable finance

Embed sustainability data in buying and investment decisions leveraging impact and footprint data.

Why Tenthpin?

Life Sciences companies choose Tenthpin because we deliver an end-to-end solution that includes strategy and embedding sustainability in all key business processes. We offer comprehensive sustainability expertise, knowledge of the Life Sciences industry and value chain, deep expertise in supply chain management, and data and analytics capabilities. We also excel in hands-on implementation and change management expertise to implement accountability and governance models within your organization, ensuring that your sustainability management efforts deliver results.

Are you ready to manage sustainability seriously?

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