SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management

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A new clinical supply management solution is launched: SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management (previously known as NextGen CTSM). The latest industry standard to manage the clinical trial supply chain is built on SAP’s Business Technology Platform and powered by SAP S/4HANA. The ecosystem solution is robust and flexible at the same time and offers leading capabilities.

Leveraging cloud technologies for clinical trial supply management (CTSM)

The new solution "Intelligent Clinical Supply Management" is the answer to managing the seismic shift to patient-centric value chains.

As the lead system integrator, we are proud that the launch of SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management was such a sucess. An industry consortium of leading pharma companies, industry service and software providers, and SAP is developing the platform, designed with an ecosystem approach.

The SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management Ecosystem

Clinical trial supply chains operate globally and have interactions with and dependencies on 3rd party partners. With Tenthpin providing much of the solution know-how, Intelligent Clinical Supply Management will be an ecosystem solution with integrations to partners and IRT providers using industry standards.

IRT integration

Integration capabilities with study IRT solutions will cover all depot to site inventory requests through execution. Anonymized patient enrollment and visit information will be included to allow for improved clinical supply planning and replenishment algorithms.

3rd party integration

Integration capabilities to drug manufacturers, packagers, and distributors are being developed leveraging cloud technologies. The resulting end-to-end visibility of near real-time inventory in a standards-based IT architecture will benefit drug sponsors and 3rd parties.

Clinical trial supply analytics

Measuring and visualizing performance at multiple levels (site, depot, 3rd party, study, program, etc.) is crucial to managing today’s complex clinical studies. Our analytics solutions integrate seamlessly into the SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management ecosystem and offer improved oversight and automation of actions across the clinical trial.

The SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management industry consortium

This consortium unites diverse stakeholders from the industry — including drug sponsors, third-party supply partners, and solution providers — to shape the future of clinical supply operations.

CTSM Intelligent Clinical Supply Management Solution

Key benefits of SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management

Technology is increasing the industry’s capacity to innovate and offers the chance to create truly patient-centric clinical trials.

Process simplification

Standardized Interfaces

Leverage of Cloud Technology

Standards-based IT Architecture

Ecosystem Approach

Improved Clinical Supply Planning

End-to-end Transparency

Near real-time Inventory

Fast cycle times

Improved accuracy

Increased collaboration

Reduced TCO

Award for SAP ICSM

SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management has been honored 2023 as a Silver Stevie® Award Winner in the Business Technology Solution Category - Supply Chain Management Solution. 

The Stevie® Awards judges were particularly impressed by the high business impact of the solution: "The SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management system stands as a remarkable achievement in the realm of healthcare technology and supply chain management. Its innovative design and advanced capabilities demonstrate significant contributions to the field, positively impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical supply management."

Stevie Award 2023 silver

Why is Tenthpin in the lead?

Currently, we have the world’s richest experience and the best talent in designing and delivering clinical trials supply management solutions. Our solutions in place are supporting more clinical trials and patient drug shipments than any other software or application platform in use. That is why we were selected to be the lead system integrator for SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management

Integrated solution: cloud-based clinical trials suite

Companies looking for a complete cloud solution to manage their clinical trials will welcome the Tenthpin partnership with SyMetric. The combination of SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management with the SyMetric cloud-based clinical trials suite of applications (CTMS, EDC, ePRO, and IRT) and clinical trial analytics product offers an integrated solution born in the cloud.

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