Upvance - a transformative and unprecedented platform for research-focused biotechs is coming soon

Basel, November 2nd – Tenthpin, a globally leading business consulting and technology company for the Life Sciences industry, is developing a transformative and unprecedented platform for biotechs. This platform is named Upvance. Upvance is the first uncompromising solution engineered solely for research-focused biotechs, whether in the area of small molecules, antibodies, ADC's, cell & gene therapies, or even radioligands.

Upvance biotech platform

Upvance supports biotechs from pre-IND to LoE

In discussions with biotechs, Tenthpin realized that research-focused biotech companies lack an all-encompassing capability platform that supports their whole business and can grow alongside their company. Upvance, the new transformative platform by Tenthpin, will support biotechs at every stage of their development journey – from pre-IND to LoE.

Upvance is exclusively engineered for research focused biotechs and their specific treatment modalities. Therefore, Upvance comes in different shapes for cell therapies, gene therapies, biologics & small molecules and radioligands.

The transformative platform Upvance provides best practices and transparency

“With Upvance, biotech companies will get the transformative platform they need for their journey to full commercialization," says Michael Schmidt, Co-Founder of Tenthpin: "It's also an advantage for investors and large pharmaceutical companies to know that their biotech partners have access to a transformative platform that provides financial transparency and ensures best practices.”

Dr. Frank Altznauer, Chief Industry Advisor at Tenthpin, outlines the key benefits for biotech companies: "Upvance promotes transparency in financials, processes, and project management to facilitate better decision-making. Additionally, we provide project management templates for treatment modality-specific clinical development, designed by the most renowned groups of biotech experts. Upvance grows with modular apps step by step in line with the R&D advancements of your biotech."

"A rapid implementation of the platform and underlying business processes is a key goal in product development," emphasizes Thomas Weber, Chief Product Officer. Upvance is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that is managed by Tenthpin; it is designed for short implementation (within a few weeks) and is supported by Tenthpin's full and standardized change management package. Thomas Weber adds, "Upvance delivers a seamless and intuitive user experience. It's easy to learn and quick to use, providing you with the freedom to focus on your research activities."

Upvance is currently in its final development phase with selected pilot customers and is set to be launched in 2024.

For more info about Upvance visit www.upvance.com


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written by

Frank Braun

Global Head of Marketing

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