Voices of Tenthpin

What is it like to work at Tenthpin? Our consultants share their thoughts and feelings on their experience as part of the Tenthpin team.

“Working for Tenthpin is like working for a family business. You feel as if you are all in it together.”

Afra Corona | Advisor | USA

“I decided to spread my wings and go after the career I deserve and not only the job I need.”

Nayara Ramos | Associate | United Kingdom

“Tenthpin is dedicated to making a transformational impact for our clients. I am happy to be part of such a great organization, and I am proud to say, “IT IS THE PLACE TO BE.””

Vishal Pratapwar | Advisor | India

“It is wonderful to feel part of a team again and have so many professional people around the globe to discuss new ideas and learn from.”

Hilary Domnick | Advisor | United Kingdom

“I enjoy that Tenthpin feels like one global team. We learn from each other, and we grow together.”

Harikrishnan Sethapathy | Associate | India

“At Tenthpin, I found a structure that allows us to work side by side regardless of the other persons' position”

Ricardo Ferreira | Advisor | Portugal

“The most special thing about Tenthpin is really our 'we are all rowing the boat in one direction with fun and passion' mindset.”

Yvonne Kirner | Advisor | Germany

“Why work for a company that sounds like it makes bowling equipment – I hear you ask?”

Kamal Shah | Advisor | United Kingdom

“I was ecstatic to join Tenthpin as it has all the ingredients to be successful.”

Parjinder Singh | Advisor | USA

“I joined Tenthpin UK two years ago. It's been good two years with a variety of challenging but fulfilling roles and a lot of opportunities to learn and grow professionally.”

Marcin Ciesielski | Advisor | United Kingdom

“Working for Tenthpin means always being valued.”

Jessica Luzio | Advisor | Portugal

“Working alongside such knowledgeable and experienced colleagues really enables us at Tenthpin to make a positive difference to our clients.”

Keith Moss | Advisor | United Kingdom

“It is fun to work with people you know for years and which you consider friends.”

Alexandra Gummels | Advisor | Germany

“Being a part of Tenthpin has for me a sense of belonging.”

Joao Monteiro | Advisor | Portugal

“At Tenthpin we have the opportunity to define our path in the consulting business: by being able to deliver projects with excellence, supported by a very experienced, diverse and multinational team.”

Jorge Cardoso | Advisor | Portugal

“I was excited when I started with Tenthpin as it felt as I am working with friends again, even with my colleagues that I never worked with.”

Chris Yuen | Advisor | Germany

“Tenthpin is on the one hand small enough to know most of my colleagues personally who all have a great team spirit and on the other hand big enough to be engaged in international projects.”

Sandra Stenersen | Advisor | Germany

“I enjoy that Tenthpin gives me the opportunity that matches my personality both personally and professionally.”

Sven Trippel | Advisor | Germany

“Tenthpin as a company is set a class-apart mainly due to its people.”

Kim Cox | Finance and Operations | USA

“It was once said that culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion.”

Marco Estevam | Advisor | USA

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