Project Management & Quality Assurance Management

Project Management
  • We can help you to establish and operate governance and global program management roles, processes and tools
  • Set benefit realization targets and measure their successful implementation
  • Identify risks and manage their mitigation (program risks, compliance risks, budgetary risks, operational risks)
  • Optimize the working relationship with and between multiple vendors
  • Identify interdependencies between projects and manage them as an integrated program to maximize effectiveness 
  • Develop detailed and transparent status reporting
  • Establish project communications and visibility in coordination with change management
Project Quality Assurance
  • We work hand and hand with the project team, key users, stakeholders, business process owners and executive team. Providing program review on the budget, methodology, execution, project management, transparency of status, best practice process design, scope control and risk mitigation
  • We perform QA during Project assessments for phase/gate review, prior to go-live, post-go live, crisis response and continual projet QA. We develop findings and recommendations that are prioritized based on business impact and timing
  • Our Change Management team will lead the business competency analysis, ensure users are fit for their roles in terms of process knowledge, systems capability, upstream and downstream integrated data, reporting/KPIs, troubleshooting and overall effectiveness
  • We help our clients take actions. We develop Improvement Plans from fact based findings and recommendations from our knowledge and deep experience
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