Change Management

  • Projects with High-level of Change Management effectives are highly likely to meet or exceed project objectives
  • Effective change management allows you to decrease the uncertainty associated with changes that impact how people do their jobs – improving the ROI of your projects that impact people
  • Better change management means better realization of benefits

Primary reasons for applying change management

  • Increase probability of project success
  • Manage employee resistance to change
  • Build change competency in the organization


Our Change Management team will:

  • Guide change management plans
  • Diagnose gaps and root causes of resistance
  • Develop corrective actions
  • Help stakeholders build coalitions to mitigate resistance
  • Instill a rolling 45-day communication plan
  • Ensure 2-way project communications
  • Identify business change impacts
  • Communicate change impacts and perform education for high impacts

Effective Change Management will ensure:

  • Speed of adoption
  • Ultimate utilization (participation)
  • Proficiency

Who is involved in managing change?

Effective change management requires involvement and action by many in the organization
  • Senior Leaders
  • Project team
  • Managers/Supervisors
  • Employee

Our change management team are the enablers!

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