Program Definition

Defining Strategy, Scope and Costs
  • Scope, High-level Fit Gap Analysis

    Define Level-3 Processes, IT architecture, Fits and Gaps, workshop facilitation and expert guidance

  • Roadmap Development

    Analyze multiple implementation options, pros and cons, risks and mitigations, sites and countries and realistic resources

  • Business Case

    Develop the business case including costs benefit analysis, executive steering committee review, and program next steps.

Case Study

Program Definition for Global Medical Device

The objective of the Program Definition was to fully define scope and develop a a right-sized capital request for a major SAP program at a global medical device company. Using our Program Definition approach, we work with our client in the very beginning of a program. We help our clients better outline the scope of the program, gap analysis, risks and mitigations, implementation roadmap, benefits, costs, business case, level-3 process definition and IT architecture. During the project, we interviewed global stakeholders, global business process owners and global IT leaders. We conducted many workshops and used our patented «white smoke» workshops to take final decisions. This process was rapid and we worked to ensure that the process scope, high-level gap analysis, organizational structure modeling, and the business benefits were accurate and aligned globally. We provided multiple implementation options that considered the amount of standardization along with the countries/sites with pros and cons for business and IT along with recommendations. Each model was costed with net present value working with our client’s controllers. We presented in the Executive Steering Committee, gaining approval for the program’s capital request and forging the way for a multi-year, multi-continent global implementation.

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