Is your PMO delivering the value you expected?

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Life sciences companies today are continually developing new products, services and technologies. The resulting project culture leads to a challenge in managing projects effectively. Therefore, many organizations have invested in Program and Project Management organizations (PMO). These organizations often work well for standard projects. However, in a more complex environment we have noticed the following pattern: Lack of “content”: career … Read More

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) in the Life Sciences Industry

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The increased pressure on the Life Science industry to adhere to regulatory compliance and have full traceability of their products has forced companies to take a hard look at their current warehousing and distribution processes.  A fully integrated supply chain with complete visibility is now more important than ever to combat the increase in counterfeit drugs and ensure patient safety … Read More

eLabel: Future-proof, label-proof – the transition from physical to electronic (clinical) labels

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Labeling is one of those fascinating Clinical Trials topics that our consultants have been involved in for over ten years. Printed labels and booklets are still the norms for Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP); however, it does not come as a surprise that companies are looking into options to go paperless. Electronic labels, or e-labels, have become buzzwords in the Life … Read More

Will 2018 be the year of biotech M&A?

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We are just a month into 2018 and the biotech sector is already seeing a significant pickup in merger and acquisition (M&A) deals.   In just the past 30 days, there has been already $27.5 billion USD in deals within the biotech sector.  Highlights include Sanofi’s acquisition of Bioverativ, Celgene’s buyout of Juno Therapeutics, and Takeda Pharmaceutical buying TiGenix. M&A becomes … Read More

Formulation process with enhanced batch determination in ERP

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Formulation in the Pharma industry is becoming increasingly complex and the industry must move to more robust ERP solutions to not only track the batches, but to determine the batches within the formulation process. Batch determination is an important process in formulation, which involves determining different active and inactive ingredients, based on a set of complex rules. These ingredients are … Read More

M&A – Who owns legacy data?

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M&A is the new normal for Life Science companies, driving innovation and growth; the capability to successfully integrate or divest businesses is a major source of competitive advantage. The industry has seen major acquisitions in recent years, with the Top 20 transaction volumes between $10 and $70 billion USD. When looking at these acquisitions in more detail, we see different … Read More

THE GOLD STANDARD…..Are your Medical Device business processes ready?

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Within the Medical Device industry, companies are increasingly facing new complex business and IT challenges managing high value equipment, loaners and rentals, while providing customers with the highest levels of service. Many of these companies specialize in loaning and servicing of expensive medical equipment (diagnostic imaging systems, patient monitoring systems, MRI machines, etc) or rental of surgical and medical instruments … Read More