Personalized Medicine: 10 Requirements for Pharma Supply Chain

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Medical Care Provider Once the appointment with the patient is scheduled and confirmed at the Apheresis centre the planning for following steps will be executed. Specialized Courier The patients T-Cells will be tested, and if passed, they will be shipped to the manufacturing site, while the cells will be kept at predefined temperature. Pharmaceutical Plant The manufacturing process will contain … Read More

eLabel: Future-proof, label-proof – the transition from physical to electronic (clinical) labels

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Labeling is one of those fascinating Clinical Trials topics that our consultants have been involved in for over ten years. Printed labels and booklets are still the norms for Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP); however, it does not come as a surprise that companies are looking into options to go paperless. Electronic labels, or e-labels, have become buzzwords in the Life … Read More