CIO review: Tenthpin Management Consultants among the 20 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers 2018

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With a sustained focus on transformational change, life sciences companies are beginning to unleash the digital nature of their business changing healthcare of tomorrow. Personalized Medicine is disruptive and needs a fundamentally different end-to-end capability, towards a truly patient-centric analysis and response across the entire value chain. While technology is changing the way these companies innovate, operate and meet patient demands, Juergen Bauer, a seasoned life sciences and management consultant and CEO of Tenthpin, believes that consultants should possess the ability to show their clients the smartest way of solving problems. “The current life sciences and healthcare space lacks expertise in the process of transforming operating models by leveraging technology,” begins Bauer. “We as a management consulting firm in the life sciences industry strive to offer the best tailored solutions to our clients by capturing value of existing IT and creating value through new technologies.” Tenthpin, a proud SAP services partner, offers expert solutions in the field of life sciences to their clients specifically by leveraging leadingedge technology and industry expertise. In addition, the company also provides project management, quality assurance along with mergers, acquisitions, and divestments as well as SAP consulting services.

Tenthpin Management Consultants got recognized by CIO Review as one of 20 most promising SAP Solution Providers. Read the Tenthpin Vendor profile on CIO Review here